Every player we work with understands that it’s the extra little things that go unseen, away from the matchday stadium & the crowds that will enable them to maximise their potential & play as high a level as possible.
— Matt Burton - Performance Director

Jonathan Webb
(Orthopaedic Surgeon &
Ex England Rugby Player)

‘I am delighted to recommend the exceptional work performed by Matt Burton and his team at Zero Ten Performance.

When injury affects athletes surgery is only the starting point of recovery. Zero Ten provide high quality, tailored rehabilitation to match the patient’s needs which is absolutely essential for full recovery.’

Jordan Cousins
(Professional Footballer At QPR)

'I worked with Zero Ten during the off-season as I had been recommended them by a team mate. The screening process helped me understand my body better & showed how knowledgeable Zero Ten are. During the off-season, we worked on my mobility, running mechanics / acceleration, strength & power. Matt also individualised my programme to include the off-season sessions set by my club.'


Phil Burgess
(England Rugby 7s Player & Rio Olympic Silver Medalist)

I worked with Matt to improve acceleration and speed during off-season & was really impressed with his knowledge of sprinting mechanics and power development. Matt emphasises the importance of quality of movement, real force production & hitting the right angles during the acceleration phase. He keeps his drills simple but highly transferable to my sport and can certainly help any athlete move faster and more efficiently.


David Sia
(Director Of Rugby AT Hayes School)

'Matt has come to work with a group of aspiring rugby scholars at Hayes School to work on their acceleration, speed and change of direction through an intense 12 week programme. As well as the obvious benefits and increase in knowledge of our students, Matt has developed a culture of understanding about movement mechanics which the players take into their warm ups and games. The sessions are engaging and makes running fun and relevant to the sport. His input has been invaluable and unique, and is something we will continue to employ for future seasons.'

Tareiq Holmes-Dennis
(Professional Footballer at Huddersfield Town)

'Before I started working with Matt I had bad patella tendonitis on both knees & I had been playing/training in pain for a couple of seasons. Within a couple of months I was pretty much pain free & able to train freely again. Matt has also taught me stuff to minimise pain if it reoccurs in-season.

When I'm in London I see Matt for trigger point therapy & sports massage to help recover & keep my knees from flaring up. I was confident training with Zero Ten during my off-season as they know my body & how to manage my knees.'


Will Warden
(Captain at Richmond Rugby Club)

'Matt has helped with my power development since we met at Loughborough Uni back in 2007. He has previously taught & programmed some of my Olympic lifts & showed me how best to transfer this power from the gym to the Rugby field.

As a forward, being taught how to accelerate properly over 0-20m has been beneficial and improved my ability to get to the breakdown as quick as possible.'


Reise Allassani
(Professional Footballer AT COVENTRY CITY)

'When I ruptured my ACL, I was recommended to get in touch with Zero Ten due to their experience of rehab and strength & conditioning. As I was in between clubs, there was no medicial support in place & I had to manage my own surgery & rehab. Zero Ten were a huge help & through their network they put me in contact with one of the best knee surgeons in the UK, who carried out the ACL repair. The rehab has been "exceptional" (in the words of my surgeon & physio) & I am back in better shape than I was before the injury happened.'


Shane Lehane
(Head of S&C at Melbourne Rebels)

'I regularly seek advice & ideas from Matt at Zero Ten Performance with regard to power, acceleration & speed development. He offers great insight into transference of power in the gym to power / speed on the rugby field & is one of the best technical coaches that I have worked with when it comes to acceleration / speed mechanics. He keeps things simple with speed development & focuses on high quality movement mechanics & transferable drills to improve this.'


Sullay Kaikai
(Professional Footballer at Crystal Palace)

'I've enjoyed working with Zero Ten performance, they've got a very professional approach to their coaching and are keen on helping players become elite athletes not only physically but by staying injury free. They've given me a great understanding of how my body works by going through a proper screening process. With their experience and insight within athletic performance I'm certain that they'll make me a more complete player.'

(PRofessional footballer at EXETER CITY)

'Although I had a short off-season in 2016 due to play-offs, I worked with Matt during the off-season & we prioritised the most important aspects of my physical game. I felt fit, but fresh going on pre-season tour to the USA & Zero Ten gave me lots of exercises and advice for mobility, prehab, running technique & post-training recovery. I use the mobility work everyday before training & games, which has helped prevent niggles in my hips/groin.'


Jake Smythe
(Rugby Player At Hartpury & South East England U18)

I worked with Zero Ten this off-season in preparation for my first season ahead at Hartpury. Matt’s knowledge of how to programme to improve strength & power, whilst maintaining good mobility & movement mechanics is first-class. I am in the best shape I ever have been; quicker & stronger than ever and free from the hip mobility & injury issues I used to have. He has taught me to accelerate & move efficiently - making best use of the strength & power he is helping me to develop in the gym.


(PRofessional footballer at IK Frej, Sweden)

'As a centre back in modern football, strength, speed & power are qualities that can play a big part in your game. Zero Ten's knowledge of how to improve speed & power is excellent. Their off-season programme is perfect for anyone trying to get sharper & stronger on the pitch. During the season I often speak to Matt & he helps me to maintain my strength & power levels & stay sharp without being fatigued, through providing session plans.'

(PRofessional footballer at GRIMSBY TOWN)

'After being screened by Paul & Matt at Zero Ten, I felt they had a complete understanding of my body, & how to improve my physical performance. I did three weeks off-season training with Zero Ten & was impressed with how professional the camp was. We worked on speed, power, fitness & injury prevention, and I went back to pre-season feeling the sharpest I ever have done. If I ever need any advice on training, recovery, injuries etc. I know I can drop Matt a message & can trust his advice.

ADE Azeez
(PRofessional footballer at CAMBRIDGE UTD)

'I worked with Matt for the last few months whilst at AFC Wimbledon & over the summer. Despite finishing later than usual we were able to get some quality work in to prepare me for my move to the SPL. I've learned a lot from my work with Zero Ten; how to prepare my body for training, to how to recover properly, & more. Matt has superb knowledge of how to train speed & power and their off-season training is perfect for a quick player like myself.'

(PRofessional footballer at Karlstad BK, SWEDEN)

'I started working with Matt at Zero Ten in the Summer 2015, when I spent the off-season working on acceleration & sprint speed as well as helping me understand how to look after my body properly. Spending the off-season with Matt I learned so much about speed/power training, nutrition, recovery, mindset & more. Matt helped keep me sharp when there was periods I wasn't getting game time & I know I can call him for advice anytime I need it.'