Our Services


Our Services


Zero Ten Performance provides a wide range of services for both professional & amateur athletes by drawing upon their network of high-performance sports specialists. This elite, yet varied network includes; speed & power coaches, strength & conditioning experts, elite physiotherapists, rehab specialists, sports massage therapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists, sleep experts & more.


acceleration, speed & Power development

We offer one-to-one & group speed, acceleration & power sessions. Our coaches have first-hand experience in working with, & learning from some of the World's best speed & power coaches.

As our name suggests, we believe the ability to accelerate (especially from 0-to-10m) & decelerate is crucial in sport & a skill that can be improved with the correct coaching.

We don't over-complicate the process & focus on teaching high quality running mechanics, developing strength & power in the gym and implementing tried & tested training programmes. Plyometrics, resisted runs, appropriate weights sessions and mobility and stability work is crucial in this process.



All of our clients are screened by our elite Physiotherapist Paul O'Hara, who runs our partner Back On Track Physiotherapy clinic. This screening identifies any weaknesses & imbalances an athlete may have, whilst helping to predict possible problem areas & guiding us in improving an athlete's movement patterns, bio-mechanics & maximsing performance.

Conditioning to prevent injury & sport-appropriate rehab / return to play strategies are major strengths of ours & we employ a wide range of research-based methods to ensure our athletes stay healthy throughout the season. Inability to play regularly due to injury can be the biggest barrier to athlete development.

We have successfully rehabbed numerous injuries ranging from ACL Ruptures to Lumbar Disc Prolapses, Severe Ankle Sprains to Knee Tendinopathy. We have worked with, & are recommended by various surgeons, including renowned Fortius Clinic specialists.



We are fortunate to have a world-class physiotherapist & experienced sports therapists in our team, all familiar with keeping elite athletes healthy throughout the season & whilst pushing their bodies week-in-week-out.

Not only do we look after elite athletes during off-season training & provide the therapy they need to recover between sessions, we see a lot of athletes throughout the season to aid recovery or treat any problems areas.

We do not limit our therapy to elite athletes - whatever your sporting level, or if you are suffering from on-going or acute aches & pains, get in touch with our team to see how we can help.


OFF-Season Training camps

Our comprehensive off-season training camps for professional footballers have been growing year by year & are attended by athletes looking to prepare correctly for the upcoming season.

We use our extensive knowledge & network to provide a camp that focuses on the following; injury prevention & mobility, speed / acceleration & power, fitness & conditioning and athlete education (to enable our athletes to implement all that has been taught into their weekly routines & maximise performances during the season).

Athletes are screened thoroughly prior to training & we provide massage therapy, alongside high-quality, HFL tested Sport Supplements (via our sponsors Bio-Synergy) to ensure athletes recover properly between sessions.



We understand the physical and energy system demands of numerous sports & therefore condition clients to ensure that their bodies can meet these demands.

Whether it be aerobic capacity development in the form of position specific tempo runs, or developing vertical jump ability & landing mechanics for aerial abilities, we base our training on results driven research & proven training methods.

Quality of movement is taken into account in every aspect of training & are basis of training is focused on exercises / programmes that provide big physical rewards with minimal risk of injury.